W h i s k e r s


This mini-collection of garments has grown from the creation of tactile textiles, made to be played with and fun to wear. It considers the ways in which we use the body as a sensory organ to experience our surroundings, like how fingerprints and nerve endings enhance our sensitivity and cats’ whiskers inform their vision. It is not just about how fashion looks, but about how it feels, and how it feels to wear the item.

The collection is made up of clothes which are designed to be worn, used and played with, not to be taken too seriously. They allow for plenty of wearer customisation and adaptability to every mood and weather change. Sleeves can be added or taken away, collars moulded to fit a moment’s preference and the hem lifted at the right hour. This allows for the wearer to be more engaged in the sensory experience of fashion, not dictated to; they are free to put their own mark on their clothes. Perhaps playing with the fringing; adding knots, crochet or macramé as the mood takes them.

The clothes are designed with user comfort as a priority, only organic and natural materials are used, highlighting their amazing natural properties, like silky bamboo poplin against the skin.

These playful, tactile pieces are made to be treasured, a canvas for self-expression.


F A D S e n s o r y D e s i g n

Welcome to my blog documenting the design and making process behind my FAD Sensory Design 2014 Competition entry.

The brief is to create a capsule collection of 2 outfits inspired by the theme of sensory design in fashion and textiles. For the first part of the entry, I have produced a sketchbook, technical drawings, textile samples and creative illustrations of both of my outfits.

I decided to approach the brief with an emphasis on tactility and the haptic feedback we receive from our surroundings which shape our sensory experiences of the environment we live in. I named my collection ‘Whiskers’ as I looked to biomimicry within natural design to inform the functionality of my textiles.