O u t f i t O n e

The idea behind outfit one: the suede patchwork dress.

The industrial modular linked patchwork was my solution to both a creative use of suede offcuts and a method of playing with pattern and colour more readily in suede and leather. The structure consists of tessellating shapes, hole punched at the corners and linked together with jumprings. A modular system of clothing allows a piecemeal approach. For example, modular garments could be given to a alterer, to remove length for a particular occasion or season. Changing size and shape over time could be seamlessly accommodated for, allowing garments to always fit perfectly. I actually found that as the garment has grown in size and weight, it clings and conforms to the curves of the body. 

Also, in a similar way that elbow patches can make a garment live longer, or better yet pre-empt areas of wear and tear and reinforce them, a modular garment could have ‘wearing parts’ such as where a bag strap is worn which can be replaced, instead of the entire garment being scrapped. 

And also, a combination of different materials could be used, different properties used in different areas of the garment, for example stretch, resistant to abrasion or breathable.

The dress also has an underdress which makes it more comfortable to wear and also, like an undergarment, means that the outer dress rarely needs laundering.

The amount of possibilities with shapes of any colour you chose, make this a very diverse way of creating patterns. 


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