T h e M a k i n g

The Making

Of the suede patchwork dress.
Over 3,000 jumprings used, all hand cut and perforated suede shapes, linked together by hand (and pliers) to form a fabric from small and offcut pieces of suede, in teal, black and light grey.



L i n k e d S u e d e C o l l a r

L i n k e d   S u e d e   C o l l a r

Mock up of the suede collar, toiled in felt. Each triangle is perforated at the corners and linked together using silver-plated jumprings.
The neck is bound with a suede finish, which is perforated to match the triangles. The jumprings are easy to open and close so the collar could come as a kind of customisable kit so you could alter the shape or remove it altogether depending on the wearer’s preference.